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It must be coming to the end of the school year because it’s time for silly season, otherwise known as June-itis. Darina Allen has her annual rant on the airwaves where she believes schools should be teaching cooking, despite few primary schools having access to more than a single IKEA induction hob.

I don’t often quote Gript, but they’ve come to the June madness with some mind-bending conspiracy theory that the NCCA are deliberately leaving out a sense of Irish identity from the new curriculum. 

Norma Foley is denying a cut in funding to the summer programme despite it being halved, and for some reason she’s also put out guidelines for the use of school buildings after school despite having no ownership of most of them.

However, most nonsensical of all, Foley is going to survey parents yet again to see if they still don’t give a toss about children sitting at the backs of classrooms. Thankfully, Emma O’Kelly talks sense in explaining why it’s a silly idea.

Finally, if you ever wondered what it would take to be the best school in the world, all you need is a working farm and a coffee shop. What would Darina think of that?

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The Newsletter features my thoughts on the Irish Primary Education System.Read the full newsletter here It’s been a reasonably quiet fortnight in the world

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