Interview with Andy Hopkins

Rozz interviewed Andy Hopkins from Purple Mash, the online creativity suite by the people behind 2Simple Software.  Andy demonstrated some of the new features of Purple Mash, including the ability to self assess and create great looking models and writing templates.  Andy is looking for Irish speaking partners so if you’re interested, have a listen to his call for action and get in touch!
[audio:|titles=Interview with Purple Mash]

Podcast: Interview with Andrew Foyle

Rozz met up with the CEO of Sherston software, a company very familiar to Irish teachers.  Sherston have provided software to Irish schools for many years, many of which have had a great resurrection thanks to the Interactive Whiteboard.  Andrew has some great plans for Sherston.  They have already released a number of their titles as apps on Smartphone and tablet devices.  Andrew told us about how Sherston’s new products will track a pupil’s work for assessment on their web site Planet Sherston.
[audio:|titles=Interview with Andrew Foyle, Sherston]

Podcast: Interview Liz Russell

At the BETT Breakfast in London, we bumped into Liz Russell, a former teacher who set up an educational consultancy company, 21CLN.  We spoke with her just as the news broke that Michael Gove, the education secretary in the UK, had made it easier for schools to fire teachers.  Liz spoke to us about the pressures on teachers in the UK as well as about education consultancy in the UK and why schools need it.
[audio:|titles=21CLN Podcast]

BETT 2012

I am back from London after spending two amazing days at the BETT conference.  BETT is the biggest educational technology show in the world and is held every January.  Educators from all over the world, 30,000 of them, come together to spend time learning all about the latest ways to help children learn.  Apart from … Read more

Why Irish Teachers should consider BETT?

Every year in London, the Kensington Olympia Exhibition Hall hosts the BETT conference.  For those of you who haven’t heard of it, it is an educational technology conference and exhibition.  However, why would an Irish teacher be bothered going to an event like this?  Here’s a few reasons why I’m going for the third year … Read more

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