Podcast Show Notes: 3rd – 16th April 2024

The following are the show notes from the latest episode of If I were the Minister for Education. The INTO Congress took place during the spring break and it’s always interesting to see the stories that the media find worthy of covering. Before it began, the media seemed to think teacher shortages caused by the … Read more

Podcast Show Notes: 20th March – 2nd April

In this episode, I reflect on the implications of Josepha Madigan’s departure as the Minister for Special Education and whether the position will ever exist again. I also ponder on the INTO’s survey on physical aggression. Finally, we move to Estonia and explore why they are now kings and queens of Europe and why Ireland … Read more

Podcast Show Notes: 6th – 19th March

In this episode, I wonder about the quantum of SET agendas and why the IPPN has decided to go against its members. I discuss why the media have reduced a completely changed curriculum down to sex. Finally I deny that I’ve been looking through your bins. Links to articles discussed can be found here:

Podcast Show Notes: 15th Feb – 5th March

In this episode I explore the further collapse of special education in our system. I look at all the services that have fallen asunder including NEPS, which made the news last week after a NEPS psychologist contacted a journalist. I verified what he/she said was true. I’ve been complaining about education for years and, by … Read more

Podcast Show Notes: February 2024

Now commonly known as the Cluster Games, principals have spent the last week scrapping for hours to make up SET clusters of 25 hours. Mostly justifying their disregard of their colleagues because they think they need to save a teacher from the dreaded safeguard of the panel, I think principals have lost their principles. When … Read more

SET Allocations – Shownotes

Most people agree that despite the Department of Education claiming more SET hours (formerly Learning Support) are being given to children, it feels like we’re getting less. I decided to get the facts. The following are the notes I referenced in the podcast. According to the National Principals’ Forum, 61% of principals say there are … Read more

Podcast Shownotes: The Video Experiment

I decided to try out expanding the podcast out to video this week so you can now find it on all the podcasting channels as well as YouTube. I’d really like your feedback on this because if it isn’t any good, I may as well drop it! It takes twice as long to produce a … Read more

Anseo Radio Week 4

Week 4 of Rozz’s podcast for anseo. She speaks about that four letter word again, CEPP. She also speaks about the 2 billion euro the government have announced for school buildings, a newly appointed principal symposium in Wexford Education Centre and the rather naughty lack of teachers in the ICT in education supplement in Sunday Business Post.
[audio:http://anseo.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/anseo-radio-week-4.mp3|titles=anseo radio week 4]

Anseo Radio Week 3

This week Rozz speaks about the latest news with the Teaching Council and the fiasco of their election mix up and the potential downfall of CEPP. She also looks at ways of protecting your iPad and finally talks about how she broke her MacBook!

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