Make an App

I have just released my second app called Targetboard Grids and I was surprised by how easy it was to do this time. All I needed to know was how to make a simple table in HTML and fill it in with numbers or letters.  Add a splash of colour and it was ready to … Read more

Has Apple reinvented the Textbook?

Apple has unleashed iBooks Textbooks today, where they claim that they have “reinvented the school textbook.”  Apparently, these books will be “an entirely new kind of textbook that’s dynamic, engaging and truly interactive.”  I am somewhat sceptical. Don’t get me wrong – I love Apple products as much as the next fanboy. While I ditched … Read more

Picks: 19 iPad Sites

This month we’re looking at 19 iPad sites related to education.  They’re divided in 3 main categories – opinions about iPads, apps and guides to the iPad.  The final link is to a recent Irish Times article, which shows the growth of Apple devices in Irish classrooms.  The iPad is mentioned as one such device … Read more

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