What can you blog about?

A teacher asked me recently what could she write a blog about.  She said that she wasn’t sure so she hasn’t posted anything.  So here are a couple of ideas…

  1. Advertise your school’s web site.  Let other schools know about your web presence.
  2. If your school has updated their web site, tell us about it so we can give your site some extra “hits”.
  3. If you have done a project using ICT in your school, let us know how you did it.  You can even upload photos (within reason!)
  4. If you have found a good Irish education web site.  There must be a few out there!
  5. If you want to suggest a piece of software / web resource to be developed, post your idea under “Develepment”.  So far, a cútas míosúil is on the cards for develepment and a school have published 3 web resources.
  6. If you have taken any photographs that you think would be useful for teacher, post them up.  I can then put them into the main photo album.
  7. If you have an idea for a poll, why not start it here?
  8. Comment on any entry made in the blog by clicking on the Comment link.

@nseo.net is here to allow schools to essentially advertise themselves in one spot.  Through this, we can share ideas, resources and plans.  I hope this is of some help to reluctant to-be-posters!

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