Guest Article:Conor Galvin:Re-imagined spaces for teaching & learning in these times

This article was edited especially for It encapsulates the words Conor imparted at the recent Second-Level Re-imaging learning conference. Conor Galvin is a  Lecturer and Researcher at UCD College of Human Sciences where he works on various education,  development practice, ICT ,and research training programmes. He speaks regularly at conferences and events (nationally and initernationally) on education … Read more

Educate Together publishes new digital content

Educate Together have added to their digital presence by releasing their first teacher newsletter. It will be available in both print and digital format. The organisation hope to publish at least two newsletters for teachers per year. The current newsletter can be found on their web site. Educate Together have an excellent digital network including … Read more

A Principal who reaches further

When I’m not writing articles for, I have a paid job which takes up most of the other 22 hours of my day, as a principal of an Educate Together school. Every year, Educate Together organise a conference for its principals and we get to meet and learn from each other.  It’s always a … Read more

So marching works…a little

From RTE news web site:

The Department of Education has announced a significant rowing back on controversial proposed cuts to substitution cover in primary schools.
The department said it will be restoring cover for teachers on uncertified sick leave in all but a limited number of cases.

Read more

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