Free Software: Torthaí

As part of Blog Action Day, we decided to resurrect an article relating to food and education. developed a piece of software to help children learn about fruit in Irish.  I hope this counts!
This resource aims to help children learn Irish vocabulary using a series of games and activities.  To get your copy, simply download it now!
Download “Torthaí”

0 thoughts on “Free Software: Torthaí”

  1. Hi ya i have downloaded this on to my laptop, but the volume  wont work on it, and after i  close it down and reopen it, it tells me it crashed the last time it was used? any ideas on how to overcome this as it looks FAB!!

    • Hi there. Sorry to hear there’s a problem with the volume. It should be working ok though maybe only on computers with Windows XP or older. That crashed warning can be ignored as it seems to come up a lot. The program was written with older software so thats why there’s problems with it unfortunately.

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