We reap what we sow. Decline in Computer Use in Irish Schools.

I was not surprised to read about the results of this study regarding the decline in computer usage in schools since 2011. Back then the Interactive Whiteboard was still a novelty and teachers were spending their days playing around with software like ActivInspire and children were all excited to be touching a big magic screen … Read more

008. Ban spelling and tables tests

Hangovers are never a positive experience and some are harder to shake than others, especially when it comes to education. We have so many bad (pedagogically speaking) ideas that seem to persist in the system. The crowning glory, of course, is the Leaving Cert, which is a terrible way to judge someone’s educational attainment, yet … Read more

Maths Week 2010 – 9th – 16th October

Maths Week is on from the 9th to the 16th October this year. ┬áRead about it by clicking on the link below. Maths Week 2010 – 9th – 16th October. Our partner site, Mash.ie has a number of excellent maths related themes to play around with so have a look there and maybe add your … Read more

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