071. Scrap Catholic Schools’ Week

I’m not sure how radio stations work but I get the feeling that after a fairly heavy topic, they like to lighten the mood with a competition or a light story of some sort, you know the kind of news like the story of a dog that went missing and returned home 3 years later and so on. One day I was heading home from work and was listening to a story about street furniture and how much of it there is. The person on the interview was arguing that it might be time for us to take down a lot of the signs that litter the streets especially given that we all have phones with satnavs on them. It was only then that I noticed how many street signs there were – I generally travel the same way home every day for the last 7 years and I never noticed. I couldn’t drive 50m without some sort of traffic sign – they are absolutely everywhere. You know the cliche of the alien landing on earth and wondering why we have a rectangle object in our pocket that contains all the information in the world and we use it to show pictures of cats? Well I imagine that alien would look at all our road signs and wonder maybe if less is really more. So what has this introduction got to do with Catholic Schools’ Week and why would I scrap it if I were the Minister for Education?

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