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By accident while browsing the web looking for a link to the NCCA, I came across a school’s web site. At first glance, I thought that this was a nice web site.  The colour scheme is very good and there seems to be a lot in it.  Then I balked.  It was clearly written using my arch-nemesis: Website X5.  From the menu system to the staticness, it had all the signs.  But it still looked nice.
I had to prove that it wasn’t a webX5 site but a quick look at the source code was all I needed.  It was written in WebX5 and it looks pretty.  So, I suppose a hearty congratulations is needed for St. Lawrence’s National School in Greystones.  They have managed to pick an awful web design package and make a nice web site out of it.
After delving deeper however, it does have all the restrictions a WebX5 site has: there’s no interactivity.  The school should probably have included their logo too.  I was delighted that they didn’t use any of those silly cartoon animations.
All in all, this web site has shown me that WebX5 can produce pretty web sites with pretty colour schemes but sadly it lacks the interactivity that make web sites stand out in this day and age.

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