Would you prefer to lose your job or take a paycut?

Hi everyone!

I don’t know if anyone has attended their union meetings this week but the word “strike” is being bandied around, to me it seems like if the government cut our pay or our pensions, then the union will put a ballot to the members and if we agree to strike, that is it!

Imagine…surviving on 50 euro a week, picketting every day…not very nice. A lady at the union meeting made a very valid point which I openly backed too. She said that she found it strange that we would not strike for the children in our schools but there is a slight mention of our wages being cut and we are ready to walk out and strike! I totally agree, I think we should have went on strke when the government last made the terrible blows to the children of Irish primary schools in the awful budget last year.

My friend actually had said if the unions vote for strike over a paycut, he will leave the union and refuse to strike..i don’t know if we can do this but I am 90% sure I would agree with him.

Don’t get me wrong, of course I don’t want a paycut but with all sectors being hit, private and public, then unfortunately we have to take the hit too. I have no faith in our government whatsoever and I think very soon they will announce the cuts. So, get ready, guys. Get ready to test your committment to teaching, children and the real reasons to strike and protest…Let’s not forget the mess that the government have created in 3 years time and once Fianna Fail start calling around door to door for the local elections, you tell them politely (or not) exactly what you think of their policies, cuts and basic inept leadership.

This June, there will be many teachers qualifiing that do not stand a chance of a job in teaching for a long while. Count yourself lucky if you have a permanent job. Think about which you would prefer( if you had to choose)- no job or a 10% cut?

Signing off now, let me know your views, hopes and worries!


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