Taking our name in vain

Reading the latest INTO magazine, Intouch, I was surprised to see that both the INTO and the College of Progressive Education have decided to use the title “Anseo” in two of their respective areas.  Firstly, the INTO LGB Teachers’ Group have decided to call their conference, “Anseo”, which is focusing on issues of inclusion in the staff room.  This conference costs €40.
Secondly, the College of Progressive Education are running a couple of online summer courses, which have nothing to do with the word “Anseo” but that seems to be their slogan or something.  It costs €95.
Anyway, just to let you know that this Anseo (Anseo.net) is neither running an equality conference or online summer courses.  However, you’re very welcome to send us the €40 or €95 and we’ll thank you for it, (though I’m afraid you won’t get your 3 EPV days) 🙂

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