101. Teach Irish like EAL

Gaelscoileanna have got things right when it comes to teaching Irish. Immersion is the only way to get children properly fluent. In English medium schools, i.e. 98% of primary schools, Irish is only spoken for a very short amount of time during the day. However, it is taught in such a way that assumes children … Read more

092. No priority to be given to native Irish speakers for enrollment in Gaelscoileanna.

With all the talk of equality of access to schools, one would have thought when the Admissions Bill was published that it wouldn’t create more division. However, not only did the Admissions’ Bill make enrollment based on religion more complicated and divisive, a sneaky little change came about to advantage “native” Irish speakers into getting … Read more

049. Provide specialised teachers for Irish

Really, we have to face it: we are failing at teaching Irish. We have a few passionate teachers who can teach it well, but overall, there’s something very wrong when most people come out of 14 years of education unable to string a sentence in Irish together, yet can almost be fluent in some European … Read more

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