Review: Céard É Sin? (ResourcED)

When it comes to educational software, Irish teachers can generally rely on other countries such as the UK, USA and Australia for most subject areas.  However, the one exception is Gaeilge.  While there have been some valiant attempts to make decent Irish language software, there are many problems.  Firstly, there’s the problem of the very … Read more

Anseo Apps: Aimsir (Weather)

NOTE: This program is not working at the moment. I’m working on a fix and hopefully it should be back soon.’s next free offering is “Aimsir” where students can learn about the different types of weather.  It’s an Interactive Whiteboard game to teach Gaeilge vocabulary relating to the weather.  As with our other apps, it … Read more

Scrapping the Scrúdú?

A guy who goes by the name of Scousedaddy on Education Posts has decided to start a campaign.  If you qualify as a teacher outside of Ireland, you are forced to sit the most horrendous exam known to man called the Scrúdú Chailíochta Gaeilge (or the SCG for short).  Scousedaddy found something that shows the … Read more

Google now translates into Gaeilge

I bought 20 new Irish-English dictionaries today then got an email to tell me that Google now translates into (and from) Gaeilge.  Bugger. Also, I didn’t realise they also translate into Yiddish; my dad is almost fluent and would have a field day if he knew how to use a computer! Anyway – article copied … Read more

Gaeilge…there are problems, aren't there?

Why not try a highly emotive ceist? The Irish language seems to get everyone’s juices flowing. Every couple of months a discussion is raised about the viability of our native language. A recent study shows that only about 3% of Irish people speak Gaeilge as their main language of communication. This is despite the fact … Read more

Cad atá ar an teilifís?

This is the 7th PowerPoint presentation from Beadzee.  This one focuses on the question… cad atá ar an teilifís?  Well, according to my dad, there’s nothing on the television these days so it’ll be interesting to see what’s in this presentation! Download this PowerPoint now.

What's the Time?

Beadzee’s PowerPoint extravaganza continues with something for those who wish to tell the time.  There’s 7 slides in total with different questions.  The final slide shows a clock with labels of the numbers from 1 to 12.  Download the presentation now.

Cá bhfuil Batdog?

The second is Beadzee’s series of PowerPoint presentations asks you where is BatDog?  I wonder who BatDog is…he sounds like an interesting pet! Download Cá bhfuil BatDog.

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