105. E Charging points for all schools

Full disclosure here: I have an eCar so I’d personally benefit from this. However, hear me out; there is much more altruism in this idea than you might first think. Let’s make a couple of wild assumptions. The first one is that schools are community hubs. They are generally located in almost every village and … Read more

100. Centralise photocopying management

Whether we like it or not, the paperless classroom is a long way from reality, and arguably the most important piece of equipment in a school is the photocopier. It is so important that if you go to any Irish education conference, you’ll have nearly half a dozen “big” companies trying their nest to lure … Read more

056. Try to become paper-free in terms of content

While a tad aspirational, it would be great to see how much paper-based content a school really needs. Obviously, subjects like Visual Arts couldn’t happen without paper but almost every other subject could limit itself a lot, certainly in terms of curriculum content. Is there really any need for textbooks at all when we can … Read more

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