Smart has the biggest market share in Ireland

The following press release confirms that Smart have the biggest market share in IWB technology in Ireland.  This is interesting news for all those schools that believed it was their main competitor who were the number one seller.  I’m assuming within a few days I’ll be getting an email from them with a retort! 😉  Anyway, below is the unedited press release:

Steljes, exclusive distributor of SMART  Technologies in Ireland, is proud to announce that the latest figures released by Futuresource Consulting show that the SMART Board™ interactive whiteboard is the number one selling interactive whiteboard in Ireland with 45 % market share.

Futuresource Consulting is an independent research firm that tracks
sales by country and globally. Since entering the Irish market, the
SMART Board has steadily increased its market share from 37.3% in Q2
2009 to 45 % Q3 2009. The latest figures show that the SMART Board is
the preferred choice for schools with a clear lead of 15% over its
nearest competitor.

Commenting on the Futuresource Consulting figures Greg Tierney,
market development manager at Steljes , says ”Over the last year we
have seen significant increases in SMART’s market share as more and
more schools realise the benefits of the SMART Board interactive
whiteboard. Schools prefer the touch capability and ease of use of
the Board to enrich the learning experience for their students and
improve learning outcomes.”

Steljes has increased its nation-wide team of Education Development
Consultants (EDC) to help cope with demand from schools and colleges.
The EDC team are all fully qualified teachers as well as experts in
SMART solutions. Tierney continues “The EDC team has been
instrumental in supporting the successful adoption of the technology.
As fully qualified teachers themselves, they are in an unique
position to offer the best advice and training on how to maximise the
potential of SMART’s interactive technologies and give students an
unparalleled learning experience.

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