Review & Competition: Science (Prim-Ed)

Science-a complementary resource to Primary Science-Prim-Ed

 Science is made up of 6 photocopiable and lesson plan resource books for teachers. Each book maps to an age group so Book 1 is suitable for 5-6 year olds, according to the publishers. Though, the book you choose will depend on the level or your own children and class.

It uses science literary texts to introduce concepts which are then supported by hands on, practical scientific investigations. Each book is divided into three or four sections. These sections are biological, chemical, earth/space and physical sciences. There is a strong emphasis on investigation skills being developed.

Each section, for example in Book 1 we have “What do animals need?”, has a format consisting of:

  • a teachers’ page with lesson plan and outcomes.
  • pupil page 1, which is a scientific literacy text about the scientific concept.
  • pupil page 2, which includes comprehension questions about the literacy text.
  • pupil page 3, which involves a hands-on activity such as an experiment.

The books also contain a handy template section covering reports and experiments. These books are designed to complement and extend the original Primary Science books from Prim-Ed and are an excellent addition for teachers who wants to integrate literacy while keeping the emphasis on scientific skills.

Science, Books 1-6 are available from Prim-Ed Publishing and we have a competition for the month of November here at where you can win a full set for your classroom!

In order to enter the competition, all you have to do is subscribe to by filling in the form below or on the side of the web site. All subscribers will be entered into a draw and one lucky winner will be drawn on 30th November. By subscribing, you will receive an email when we write an article on


Congratulations to Suzanne Murphy from Scoil Iosaf, Co. Cork who wins the prize!





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