Review: Prim-Ed-Maths Games Galore-reinforcing maths skills-CD-ROMs

Review: Prim-Ed-Maths Games Galore-reinforcing maths skills-CD-ROMs

 The two CD-ROMs I am going to review are the Numbers and Operations and the Number Sense and Place Value ones available from Prim-Ed.


The Numbers and Operations CD-ROM is made up of 10 different digital maths games that focus in on specific maths skills like counting up to 20, working with numbers up to 20 and also modeling simple addition and subtraction.

It is suitable for ages 4-6 so an Infant class or a support classroom would be best.

The Number Sense and Place Value CD-ROMs are for an older age group of 7-8 and they focus in on place value, place-tens systems and basic fractions.

What I really like about these Prim-Ed digital games is the fact that they come with a digital book, which includes activity pages and game cards. The teacher can then edit various aspects and print and laminate the games out. It is really important that the classroom just doesn’t focus entirely on digital learning, some children learn better through a physical manipulation.

The games all follow the same format as the rest of the CD-ROMs in the series so the child gets used to the rules that go with them. Child has the ability to use 1,2 or 3 player mode.

While, these are a great addition to the teaching and learning of maths in the digital world, an added feature that Prim-Ed might think about for their next update would be the area of assessment. It would be good if the child could enter their name and details and work through a set programme, similar to the Number Shark games. The teacher would then have the facility to assess where the child is working and where the child might need further learning of a maths skill.

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Numbers and Operations and Number Sense and Place Value digital CDs are available from Prim-Ed. They are part of the Maths games galore series. Priced at €22.95

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