Moss Green Colouring Pages

I got an email from Moss Green Publications asking me to have a look at some free colouring pages they are offering on their web site: According to their author, the purpose of these colouring pages is to help parents educate their children about where vegetables are grown, when they are planted / can be picked  and the concept of seasons.

So, I had a look and they look very good.  It may be useful for science lessons or healthy eating lessons in SPHE.  More interesting than these colouring pages, however, is the rest of the web site, which gives information about lots of other books published by this company.  They seem to be an ethically minded company and 60% of their profits go to charity.

In summary, it’s probably nice to be able to download free colouring stuff but I’d kind of feel guilty if I left without buying something 🙂

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