Promethean Update

After the news of all the changes in Promthean yesterday here is an update to the situation.  Thanks to members of the CESI discussion list and to the NCTE for clarifying some matters.

Firstly, Promethean (through Clarity or through the UK offices) will be issuing a statement to all schools very shortly to let them know what is happening.  Essentially, the new head of Promethean Ireland, Graham Byrne, confirmed that there have been some major changes in the distribution and support arrangements from Promethean, and that Clarity is the new distributor in Ireland for their boards.

Apparently, the change will ultimately benefit schools according to Byrne.  For example, the warranty on new boards will increase from the current 3 years to 5 years.  There is no mention of this warranty for existing boards.

The other thing that was concerning yesterday was the uncertainty regarding technical support.  For example, if a board is having problem whilst the changeover is taking place, who does one call?   It was confirmed today that Irish customers will now have to ring a UK number for support, +44 844 855 2201.  A representative from the NCTE has called the number to check its availability and he notes that the first thing they ask for is a product serial number.  There are no immediate plans for an Irish phone number but Promethean have said that this will be considered.

Schools that have purchased a Promethean Board from a reseller, such as Net Communications or All About Computers, should contact these companies before ringing the support number.   Morgan Finucane from Net Communications left a comment on this web site yesterday saying that

“the change over from Prim-Ed to Clarity will not affect any of the boards … sold and if any school has a warranty issue with their existing Promethean boards or any questions about the new 300 Series boards they are welcome to call me and I will facilitate them in any way I can.”

As yet, I have not had any direct contact from other Promethean resellers but I assume they will take the same stance as Net Communications.  If there are any further developments, or if anyone has any further news, please use the comment form below or contact the me through the contact page on the web site.

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