Projector Procurement now on

The NCTE have released the procurement procedures on short throw projectors. This spells an end to companies who were offering alternatives to the chosen six projectors on the list. The companies selected are: DCB, Dell, Image Supply Systems, Imex Instruments, Meritec and Promethean.

The projectors are: 3M SCP716, EPSON EB-410We, NEC NP610S EDU, Sanyo WXE46, Hitachi ED-A100 and the Sanyo PRM-20. They range in price for a fully installed sytem from €1,100 to €1,580, which I guess isn’t a complete rip-off. However, it does worry me again that the companies involved will get unfair advantage over smaller businesses. I must say I was a little surprised not to see a projector with in-built IWB capabilities. I think it’s probably a good thing though.

If I were to have a big gripe about this, and I’m sure companies selling interactive whiteboards will to, is that if they have a load of projectors that are not on this list, they are useless to them as schools can no longer buy them. Presumably, these companies will simply have to change projectors and adjust their prices accordingly. This could mean an increase in the selling price of IWBs, which is a pity.

Just for balance, I have to agree with the NCTE that there is no longer the option of buying long-throw projectors anymore. Previously, I had seen little difference in their use but since prices have come down so much, I think it’s worth the extra couple of hundred euros to invest in this technology.

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