Irish Teachers on Teachers that pay Teachers

Teachers pay Teachers is a website that’s been around for a number of years where teachers offer worksheets, lesson plans, posters and other resources to other teachers for use. What makes it different to some of the sites already out there is that teachers can charge for these resources. The web site is based in America but there are a number of Irish teachers that sell their resources on the web site.

It’s not surprising when you look at the numbers. The best selling teacher on the web site has sold over $2 million worth of resources and over 5,000 teachers have made over $1,000 from their resources! There are over 3 million teachers using the web site and over 1 million resources for sale on the web site so there is no shortage of decent quality materials for the classroom as we head back at the end of the month. The following graphic from the web site, summarises all the information. (It’s quite long and my article continues below it with an Irish emphasis)


I was chatting to one Irish teacher who uses Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT). Emer Downing runs the excellent blog, A Crucial Week and is a user of the TPT web site. She recently ran a competition to win some of her very attractive resources on Facebook. She knows of a few Irish teachers that are using the service and sent me a list of them, which I’m copying here. If you have an account, you might like to add it in the comments.

Teachers Pay Teachers looks like a great way to make a little bit of spare cash from your hard work.

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