ClassDojo and Ireland

I had the pleasure of a wonderful Skype chat with Jenna Kleine from ClassDojo this week where we talked all about ClassDojo and what Irish schools might want. She also shared some of the developments going ahead with ClassDojo in the future including one that is being released today. The big announcement is ClassDojo’s updated app for mobile devices. The app allows teachers to be able to communicate much more effectively with parents, sharing notes, pictures, icons and even voice notes with home. Parents can also stay in touch with teachers too. The app has been completely redeveloped to be faster and more user friendly and it looks great. The app can be downloaded for Android and Apple devices.

Jenna Kleine from ClassDojo (Twitter Profile Picture)
Jenna Kleine from ClassDojo (Twitter Profile Picture)

Jenna and I spoke about how Ireland is one of the countries that has really adopted ClassDojo with a huge proportion of Irish teachers who visited the web site using it regularly. I explained that the fact that it was free was a major plus and she confirmed that the plan is to always have ClassDojo free. Other ideas that we discussed included removing the negative behaviours or at least the option to do so. We also discussed the idea of trading in points for prizes rather than having to use negative behaviours for this purpose and this is definitely something they are going to look into. I also told her that I had heard whispers that some schools were even putting ClassDojo into their Behaviour Policies!

Overall, ClassDojo looks like it’s going to grow and grow. They really seem to be an enthusiastic bunch of people and they have created a service that is bright, attractive, motivating for pupils and completely free. I’d recommend anyone who hasn’t tried out ClassDojo to get on to it right away. Your classroom will never be the same!

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