Which iPad should I get?

There are a number of different types of iPads now available on the market in different sizes, different storage and even different ages! You might be offered an iPad Air with 16GB of space for the same price as an iPad 3 with 32 GB space. Every few months a new iPad comes out so … Read more

What types of Promethean boards are there?

Interactive Whiteboard

Since the peak of Interactive Whiteboard usage in Ireland in 2009-10, the number of types of Interactive Whiteboard available here has decreased. There are very few companies left that directly support Irish schools and many companies have fallen by the wayside. Back in the day, Promethean and SMART were the two big brand names. Promethean … Read more

How do I display my Twitter feed directly to my Facebook Wall?

It can be a pain having to do things more than once – especially when it comes to putting out a message to parents from the school. In my own school, we use text messaging, email and most social media to get our messages out there. The two most popular social media platforms for schools … Read more

Can you close down an unofficial school Facebook Page?

Lots of schools have signed up to Facebook to share their school’s news with anyone that “likes” their page. However, many schools were beaten to it by people who made “unofficial” school pages, such as Parents’ Associations, ex-alumni groups, and so on. This is not ideal because the school cannot control what goes out on … Read more

My cursor hangs when I plug in my Interactive Whiteboard. Help!

I received the following question from a user about his Traceboard. What is the problem when my trace board is connected to the computer system, the cursor will immediately hook (hang, stops), when disconnected it works? I will appreciate your quick response please. Thanks. This issue can happen with any Interactive Whiteboard and there could … Read more

Should I set up a WhatApp group for messaging Parents?

Firstly, this question is for principals who want to send messages to parents, not for teachers! Teachers should never ever ever set up a WhatsApp group for their parents and have messages coming from their personal WhatsApp account. That is, of course, unless they wish to be contacted by parents at any time during the … Read more

How do you scan a document to Aladdin?

One of the great things about student management information systems (MIS) is the ability to store any documents or files associated with a child. For example, a child might receive a psychological report, and rather than keep it in a physical file, it might be useful to upload it to Aladdin (or any other MIS.) … Read more

Is Google Drive ok to store documents?

I would say absolutely, yes, to this question. Given that Google don’t look like they are going anywhere, and their entire business relies on being very secure, it would seem to me that Google Drive may very well be one of the very safest places to store any documents. Google is also going to do … Read more

Are routers and switches the same?

Switches and Routers connect to each other but are not the same thing. A Router is the box that gets the Internet from the provider. You can access the Internet by plugging a computer directly into a network point of a router so there’s no need for switches. Usually, however, routers only have a couple … Read more

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