How can iPads can be used efficiently in the primary classroom?

iPads, to me, are brilliant devices for multimedia in the classroom. While I know a lot of teachers use them for “office” work, I never really felt comfortable typing on glass. As Stephen Fry put it, it’s like typing with frostbite on your fingertips. The question here, though, is about efficiency, and if I’m understanding … Read more

Android Tablets and G Suite

Many schools use Chromebooks along with G Suite for Education to manage all the applications they need. It’s really handy as you can switch on and off different apps for different types of users, known as Organisational Units. In my school, for example, we have Organisational Units for Staff and Pupils. These are further broken … Read more

Can you use the interactive whiteboard as a projector screen for movies?

The simple answer to this question is yes. An interactive whiteboard is made up (mainly) of two parts – a projector and the whiteboard itself. The projector’s job is to project whatever image is on to the whiteboard. Even if you didn’t have the whiteboard, the projector would be all you need for playing movies. … Read more

Can you upload video recordings to Aladdin Connect?

The quick answer to this question is no but the longer answer to the question is yes, sort of. The “sort of” is that you can post a link to a video recording if you have posted it online. For example, you may have recorded a lesson on YouTube Live and this will have a … Read more

Chromebooks – What models to consider? (October 2019)

Technology changes all the time so I’m marking this as advice in October 2019. There are 2 options – buy new or buy refurbished. If you buy refurbished, do note that Chromebooks have a total shelf life of around 6 years so check its AUE (Automatic Updates Expiration) as it will be a pain updating … Read more

Is Google Photos for hosting school photos GDPR compliant?

Anything that Google makes needs to be GDPR compliant for the same reason that McDonald’s has to make sure that their food is correctly labelled with calorie contents – they are the leaders in their fields and there are millions of people wanting to bring them down! To put it mildly, if Google’s services are … Read more

G Suite vs Aladdin

What is the difference between G Suite and Aladdin; and what are the pros and cons of both? Before I start to answer this question, it might be helpful to explain that both these services, while they have some overlap, are two very different products. Interestingly, Aladdin is actually built on Google’s (G Suite) servers … Read more

How do I set up a simple school blog?

Setting up a school blog, thankfully, isn’t such a difficult thing to do anymore. However, the real question is whether you really want to do so! Like everything else technology-related, things move quickly. The trouble with school blogs is that they can clutter up a school website with old irrelevant information very quickly. The trick … Read more

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