Promethean ActivInspire

Promethean released their ActivInspire edition of their Interactive Whiteboard software.  As I’ve said before, this piece of software can be bought for any interactive whiteboard and not just the Promethean board.  At the minute it costs £99 sterling for the full version but existing ActivPrimary users can download it for free. So, what’s new?  To … Read more

Can I use another company’s software with my IWB?

When you buy an interactive whiteboard, you are given hardware and software.  The hardware includes things like: the projector, the speakers and board itself .  You also get a CD with the software that allows a person to interact with the computer.  These are known as the drivers.  These drivers let the computer know that … Read more

Vosa iBoard

I met the salesman for the Vosa iBoard at the CESI conference and I ended up speaking with him for about 45 minutes.  This guy was really really passionate about his IWB and he spent most of this time trying to convince me that his product was the greatest IWB in the world.  He believed … Read more

Using a Bee-Bot

Bee-Bot is a robot shaped like a bee.  It’s a very simple but brilliant device that allows the user to move the Bee-Bot either forwards or backwards and either turn left or right.  It’s best used with a Bee-Bot grid – either a template or a see-through blank.  The video below shows an example of … Read more

Should I get a Pen-Based or Touch-based IWB?

Interactive Whiteboards come in different shapes, sizes and colours.  Each comes with its own software, most of which is dreadful, requiring you to buy a 3rd party solution.  However, how one interacts with the board in question, cannot be changed.  You have two choices – should you get an IWB that allows you to use … Read more

Promethean Interactive Whiteboard

Promethean shook the world of Interactive Whiteboards a few weeks back with two announcements.  The first was the launch of their €2,500 IWB, available from their resellers.  The second was their release of ActivStudio, the software, for use on any IWB.  This review focuses on all Promethean IWBs, which have seen further price cuts. Promethean … Read more

BoardWiz Interactive Whiteboard

Before I begin, I’d better let you know that this review is almost a clone of the Clasus and Promethean review, because, essentially, BoardWiz is a clone of the Promethean.  BoardWiz are Interactive Whiteboards that look like Promethean IWBs, act like Promethean IWBs and are Promethean IWBs under a different name (allegedly).  C-IT & Bach … Read more

Hitachi StarBoard FX Interactive Whiteboard

If you’ve ever seen the film “Minority Report” and dreamed that you could be like Tom Cruise on his touchscreen computer, moving things around with two fingers, then this is the IWB for you. Unlike every other commercial IWB, this is the only board I know that lets you interact with two fingers allowing you … Read more

CleverBoard 3 Interactive Whiteboard

Cleverboards have been around for ages and anyone collecting Tesco computer tokens may have dreamed of saving several million of them to get one of these boards but they haven’t had the same impact in Irish schools as Promethean or Smart have.  I, in my ignorance, thought they had gracefully died and went away.  However, … Read more

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