Screengrab that Bully!

After a second death of a teenager this year due to cyberbullying, there was a discussion on Twitter amongst teachers about screengrabbing. Screengrabbing allows a person using a computer to “grab” whatever is on the screen and save it as an image. It’s also known as a screenshot. This is especially useful if someone wants … Read more

Managing Collisions in Scratch

Using Pacman to demonstrate, this Scratch video shows you how to manage a collision between to characters and the effect of this. Also uses costume change feature.

Moving the Enemy in Scratch

Using Pacman as an example, this video looks at how to get the enemy Sprite to chase down Pacman by changing direction towards him every few seconds.

Scratch: Simple Animation

This video explains how to do a simple animation using the Scratch progamming language. Tools used include: Wait Glide Repeat Turn The video shows an example of a very simple cartoon where a dragon captures a girl and flies away with her. Source files can be downloaded at my Scratch page.

Scratch: Moving Sprites with Keyboard

Scratch is a wonderful programming language that is getting very popular in Irish schools. I’ve decided to make a few video lessons to show how easy it is to make a game using the language. Before watching the video, I assume that you know how to create a character (sprite) and change the background (stage). … Read more

Starting from Scratch (with Scratch)

Unfortunately, I was unable to make it to the Scratch Saturday session held by CESI today so whilst watching the X-Factor, I decided to try and teach myself how to use this language.¬† I had had a little bit of experience trying it out at the Tipperary Institute conference earlier this year but got so … Read more

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