Scratch as Gaeilge

This is a very short post about something I learned this week. Many teachers use Scratch in their classrooms these days. I have recently converted to Scratch 2.0 when I have a decent Internet connection and was made aware that Scratch 2.0 can be run in the Irish language! There are so few ICT tools … Read more

Scratch Saturday: Pong

One of the first video games ever made was called Pong. The game was based on table tennis, a two player game, where each side controlled a “bat.” Both sides tried to bounce the “ball” past the opponent’s bat to score a point. It was a very simple game but was it simple to program? … Read more

Scratch Saturday: Shoot ’em ups

This is the second in our series on programming on Scratch. In our first series, we focused on Platform Games. In this series, we’re moving to the Shoot ’em up and we’ll be looking at the classic game, Space Invaders. Space Invaders was released in 1978 and is one of the best known shooter style … Read more

Making Donkey Kong in Scratch

One prediction for 2013 I briefly referred to in my New Year’s Day article, was computer coding. I asked, would CoderDojo infiltrate schools? For those of you who haven’t heard of CoderDojo, it’s a club for young people to learn how to computer program and you can find more about it here. Over the last … Read more

Scratch Maths: Targetboard

Over the last number of weeks, I’ve been showcasing some ways to use Scratch to make Maths Resources. Scratch is a really easy programming language that allows children to learn the basics of coding without any need to type a line of jargon. The last Scratch Maths tool I’m showing before Christmas is the Targetboard. … Read more

Scratch Maths: Place Value Cards

Scratch is a really easy programming language that allows children to learn the basics of coding without any need to type a line of jargon. I’ve made a series of videos in Scratch on the Anseo YouTube Channel and have my own Scratch profile, where I store all my scripts. One key tool in the … Read more

Scratch Maths: Pentominoes

Pentominoes are a fantastic resource in a maths classroom and can be used for all sorts of ways. It fits brilliantly into the strand unit of area and can be enjoyed by almost all age groups. In order to use these pentominoes, all you need to do is drag them around the screen to make … Read more

Scratch Maths: 12 sided dice

There are lots of 6 sided dice out there so I thought I’d create a simulation of two 12-sided dice, which can be used for a variety of tasks from addition to multiplication to probability. For a younger class, simply getting the children to add the two numbers is a quick mental maths activity. Subtraction … Read more

Scratch Maths: Probability

Probability is one of the more fun aspects of the primary maths curriculum and this Scratch program can be used to support it very well. There are four balls and a “ball-eating monster” and your job is to guess which ball will be eaten last. When you play the game, the monster asks you which … Read more

Scratch Maths: Scratch Soccer

I created this very simple game in Scratch to consolidate children’s adding skills. Your job is to score a goal by answering the question correctly. Get it right and you score, get it wrong and you miss! It couldn’t really be much easier. For those of you interested in how the game was created using … Read more

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