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The Newsletter features my thoughts on the Irish Primary Education System.

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With a lot of fearmongering in Ireland around RSE, it seems the UK has responded by making almost no change to their sex education programme and pretending they have.

Speaking of not copying the UK, despite spending the last 20 years moving from the British imperial measuring system, the Daily Mile enters the education system. I guess it sounds better than the Daily 1.6km.

An interesting dilemma for schools running after school care and running out of classrooms after a while featured this week. I find it bemusing that over 1,000 people would sign a petition for a childminding service but wouldn’t be bothered enough to protest about cuts to children with additional education needs, the shortage of teachers in the area, and other educational issues, which no doubt affect this school. In fact, It was hard to find a protest about the reduced book grant but I managed to find one!

A really interesting podcast about the growth of free school meals is worth a listen from an American perspective.

It wouldn’t be 2024 if a week went by without Norma Foley talking about Smartphones instead of education. However, I am glad to see there is pressure to do actual work on banning them now instead of relying on schools.

Finally, why are school reunions so terrifying?

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Here are some X posts I enjoyed over the last couple of weeks:

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The Newsletter features my thoughts on the Irish Primary Education System.Read the full newsletter here It’s been a reasonably quiet fortnight in the world

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