Think about your layout-look at your class!

So, have you thought about why you plonk your desk at the top of the room?
Can I be so assuming to give some reasons? Let me know if I am wrong!
1. You saw your teacher doing it and therefore that is the way it is.
2. You have never really thought about it and just accepted your classroom layout the way it is.
3. You like to see everything and be slightly in control.
4. Maybe, you want to create a wall or a safe place to “get away” from the children.
That’s it, I cannot think of any other reasons why a teacher would want to sit at the top of the class behind a desk. The first thing I do is push my desk right back up against the wall and free up the space! Most classroom have very little space so waste leaving your desk in a place that takes up 1/4 of the space that could be utilised for drama, sphe, circle time and talk and discussion. (plus many more!)
I also work on my childrens’ desks layout constantly…I generally like them to sit in groups but of course, not all children or classes can handle this type of social, constant interaction. Children like to chat! That is fine and I prefer children to chat on task! Some chilren see the group layout as a chance to talk, chat, shout and roar!
If you have the room, consider having some group tables, some pair work tables and one or two individual work tables..Yes, we know the type of workers that have to use these tables. This way, you can promote different ways of learning. Some children actually do the quiet and calm individual table and only the teacher can help guide this.

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