The Big Book of Energizers

The Big Book of Energizers
September is always full of energy and optimism for teachers, parents and children! After a few weeks (even days,  sometimes),  it may feel like you never had the summer holidays – you are tired, the children are listless and unmotivated and they are finding it hard to keep the class on task.
Jenny Mosely and Zara Niwano have put together a book containing energizers that will certainly make the class more alert and ready to listen and learn! This book works in the same way as the Big Book of Calmers which I reviewed a fortnight ago.
The Calmers book moves the class into calm alertness from anxiety or over stimulation, whereas the Energizers book moves them from listlessness towards focussed alertness. They both achieve the same thing but the children are at different starting points.
Relevance to Curriculum aims: 5/5
Extremely relevant like the Calmers book. This is perfect for SPHE, the Arts subjects and indeed at any point of the day, whenever you feel the class need that boost! Think of using the Energizers book for the month of June and the Calmers book for the month of December!
The activities are broken into clapping/singing/follow-my-leader games, miming, kinaesthetic learning, healthy living routines, drumming, rhythm and rhyme and challenges for children to exercise their minds as well as their bodies! The Mind exercises are particularly good for mental maths starters or oral english language lessons.
Teacher usability: 5/5
Easy! I could pick this up at any point of the day and begin a simple activity. There are 1 of 3 symbols at the top of each activity. The first symbol is an activity that can be played quickly and easily. The second symbol will take a bit of organising by the teacher-maybe the night before or at lunch time. the third symbol tells you that this activity will need a large space outside as this may be a physical energizer. This makes it incredibly easy to use and makes it more likely that you will use it more.
Value for money: 5/5
At €22, It is excellent value for money as this will last you for your teaching career as no matter what curriculum changes happen, (the curriculum is nearly 12 years old! I sense a change!), this book will be relevant. Also, because the activities can be easily slotted into any lesson or time of the day, it is perfect. As a Support teacher, these activities would be very worthwhile too. With 120 different activities, your class may never be bored again! (Wishful thinking!?) This book can be purchased from Jenny’s website at and Outside the box, Naas usually supply all good books like these!

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