The first time some teachers blogged (CESI conference 2008)

I gave a workshop on blogging at the Computers in Education Society of Ireland where nearly 50 teachers learned how to write a blog entry using  Rather than deleting all the hard work, I decided to collate most of the blog entries for you all to read.  It was great to hear the feedback – that blogging IS easy!

So easy !
Must try this with my class
Grmma Simon thsi is great !!!!


This is my first effort at blogging so excuse the basic look of my blog.


Our school is very interested in setting up a blog as the time and effort spent updating the website is definitely more trouble than it’s worth.  The students want to include loads of things which they feel are being overlooked.


Hi I just gut to this lapyop and I did not have a number so I decided to be 27 I hope you do not mind.This is a useful tool for school.Hi, Thanks to Simon for introducing me to blogging!Happy Blogging to all.
Tá mé anseo ag CESI and tá muinteoir Simon ag caint mar gheall ar scrobh ar an idirlion. Deireann sé to bhfuil sé fior easca obair a cur suas. Nil le deanamh agat ach an piosa a scriobh agus ar aghaidh leat.


Today we are learning loads and having lots of fun.  We are stuffed after our dinner.


Well after 3 attempts have managed to get this to work! Now the fun starts getting the nice effects.Here I am in
Dublin at the CESI Conference learning about blogging for the first time! It is great fun and I see lots of uses for it with my students.
Just participating in Blogging Module. The Conference has been very well organised and extremely informative.this is very exciting communicating!We are having a fantastic day at the cesi conference. I had heard a little about blogging and pod casting but today is fantastic because we are actually learning howto use it.Here I am in
Dublin learning about Web 2.0 by making my very own blog!
Success at last!  My first blog!!!!!Thanks for the excellent ideas so far!  Will start a blog for students after mid-term break.I have really enjoyed the conference today.Wouldn’t it be great if the Minister could see all the great ideas?

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