Introducing Text Types CD-ROM (Prim Ed)

Introducing Text Types CD-ROM (Prim Ed)
Introducing Text Types is a CD Rom published by Prim Ed.  It’s a very simple presentation package which outlines the 6 different types of writing the average senior primary student will encounter – Discussion, Explanation, Narrative, Procedure, Recount and Report.  To be honest, I was a little disappointed.  There’s nothing wrong with the CD as such.  I suppose it’s like buying a DVD and getting the film with no extra features.
Relevance to curriculum aims:
The CD was very relevant to curriculum aims for constructing the different text types in so far that that was all it did.  There was very little interaction but I guess it could be used to introduce a text type to a whole class.  The CD greets you with a screen offering you the choice of  six text types.  I decided to randomly pick Narrative and was given a step-by-step procedure on how to form a narrative. On the plus side, it gives a highly, bright visual dimension to getting across information.  However, that was about it. I could print out a pdf style worksheet, but that was definitely it.  There was no quiz, no practice section; there was really nothing else to do.  I checked through the other five types of text and it was the same story.  (2/5)
Teacher usability:
The interface was bright and colourful but I found that the text was a little small for projection. There is a reasonably good zoom function which is easy to access.   I think the CD would be good as a whole class introduction but you’d only fill 5-10 minutes with it.  The PDF files that come with it are quite limited. (3/5)
Value for money:
I couldn’t recommend buying this CD though.  If it came free with a teachers’ book with lots of lesson plans, it’d be a worthwhile addition but as a stand-alone package it is disappointing.  (1/5)
What extras? Aside from the token PDF files, there was nothing worth noting. (1/5)
Total Score: (7/20)

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