Promethean software won't be free but…

The New Inspire EditionOk, so it’s not going to be free, but Promethean’s new software, to be released in March can be summed up in one word – sexy.  Daryl, their software guy, allowed me to have a sneak preview at it at IPPN and there are some excellent improvements.  The other great news is that if you own a different IWB, you can download the software restriction-free for €99.  For a piece of software that was up until now worth (in my estimation) about €400-500, this is a bargain.

There is no better software for IWBs in my opinion.  Easiteach comes very close and, when they start using vector images, it will be even closer, and Smart simply need to skin their software to be brighter, but right now Promethean’s software is second to none.

I’ll be writing later about some incredible news in the price war world of IWBs and about two new discoveries – the Hitachi IWB and the TouchIT IWB.  But right now, there’s lunch to be eaten and more exhibits to visit.

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