Prim-Ed do not recommend using markers on their Geneeboard

I have used dry wipe markers on the Genee Powerboard. However, Prim-Ed, the distributors of the GeneeBoard are not recommending customers to use dry-wipe markers on their boards. If you do buy a GeneeBoard, a leaflet drops out of the box telling the customer not to use dry wipe markers on the board.

Being honest, I’m a little bit surprised by this and, personally, I would probably have no problems using a marker on these boards. Having said that, I don’t think I would buy a GeneeBoard now in case anything did go wrong.

Considering the Geneeboard uses the same surface type as its near-rivals, I’m puzzled by this news. In any case, I felt I should let people know about this and I will be updating my information on posts about the GeneeBoard to factor in this latest news.

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