Is Promethean Software about to be free?

Are my dreams about to come true?  Last summer I met with two Promethean representatives and I spoke to them about SmartBoard’s Notebook software and advised them that they offered it for free.  I suggested to them that ActivPrimary may do something similar never thinking it would happen as it is one of the best pieces of software for Interactive Whiteboards around.  A collegue of mine emailled with the following statement from Ian Curtis, the head of Promethean in the UK and Ireland:

In December, your School may have received a Noticification or Communication, informing you that the use of Promethean Activprimary or Activstudio Software was only licenced, in Ireland, for use with a Promethean Activboard. The Notification went on to say: This practice is in breach of the terms and conditions of purchase and could lead to the initiation of legal proceedings against all involved parties,”

The is not only inaccurate, it is untrue, and was circulated for inappropriate reasons.

Promethean, the authors of Activprimary and Activprimary, encourage the use of their software with any Interactive Whiteboard. In March, with the release of Inspire Edition, the software will be available on a “self serve” basis only.

“Both versions will be downloadable from the Promethean Planet website, by anybody who wants to run the software, irrespective of the interactive whiteboard technology platform on which they wish to use it. To download the software they will need to register as members on our Planet website and follow the prompts. We will not be licensing standalone versions of the software for resale through our network of partners in any region – it will only be available to enduser customers via direct download from the Promethean Planet”

Ian Curtis, Head of UK & Ireland Business, Promethean

Wow! Does that mean that ActivStudio will be free?  I think it does and I will be first in the queue to download it if it is.  What it means for me is that I won’t have to buy EasiTeach – which is excellent – but not free.  It means that I’ll be able to create digital content very easily and get my hands dirty and create great digital content.  It may even make me consider buying a Promethean board… Their latest price list includes a €2,500 offering, but more on that when I hear back from them.
Well done Promethean – you’re really setting down the gauntlet to your biggest rival in Ireland.  I await Smart’s next move!

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