Inspire ourselves.

IPPN heroes by Rozz Lewis.

Well, I’m on a downer and a contradictory high after my second IPPN conference, which was moved to the CityWest conference centre this year.

My verdict?

Excellent. My inspiration levels are at an alltime high. My heroes?

1. Sean Cotrell- An amazing speech maker and public speaker, he speaks from the heart and from the voice of reason and most of all, he is in it for the good of the children in our care. Since, I began my journey as a principal last January, things can be a negative and political minefield. Organisations who say they are for children complain and give out, without offering solutions. Any success they achieve is celebrated through inflated fanfare.

To contrast, Sean and indeed the IPPN as an organisation give solutions and motivation and mix them in with a bit of heart. I have listened to Sean speak on two occasions and have noted that he has tried to offer advice and urge Batt O’ Keefe to “be a hero” himself. Sean calls out to him, never isolating himself or the organisation from any partnership that is offered from the Department. True leadership and partnership.

2. Eamonn Gilmore

My 2nd hero, surprisingly enough is a politician. Why? He speaks with no waffle and he speaks with passion. He’s figured out what he is about as a leader. He’s also taken the time and energy to realise what his party is about. This means that anytime he is asked any question, he doesn’t need to waffle. He knows what matters to him. Gimme, gimme, we want him as leader.

3. Colm O’ Gorman

Really enjoyed his speech, stated the obvious for us- We need to focus on not getting the church out but getting the state in. The state need to cop on( my words) and take their responsibilities seriously. Loved it when the lights were cut out in the middle of a supposed “Catholic church” rant, I had visions of a team of priests skulking at the back with a big electric wire in their hands, smirking.

The key characteristic for these men-the ability to face up to any challenge that life throws at them with dignity, passion and a bit of humour!

“Gifted leadership occurs when heart and head–feeling and thought–meet. These are the two winds that allow a leader to soar.” Daniel Goleman

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