What are you doing this February 29th?

What are you doing this February 29th? Proposing to your future husband? If not, you should try out blogging. Feb29th.net is a global blogging project that is the brainchild of UK teacher, David Mitchell.  The web site hopes to collect blog posts from all around the world. According to the web site,

As soon as Feb 29th 2012 begins in Tonga, the Feb29th.net will open up for posts for one day only. This blog will capture posts from all over our planet on this rare day until midnight in the Western Pacific. The result will not only be a celebration of technology, but a celebration of audience and purpose.

Mitchell would be really happy to have schoolchildren from Ireland blogging on the day so it’s well worth your while signing up and having a go. To sign up, click on the picture below:

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