K7Math is, as its name suggests, a mathematics resource for primary school teachers. Its name also suggests that it was designed with American pupils in mind but this web site has been adapted for the Irish primary market. In essence, K7Math is a huge portal of resources that link with every strand and strand unit … Read more

Review:Reading for Success Books 1-4 by Prim-Ed

Review:Reading for Success Books 1-4 published by Prim-Ed The Reading for Success Books have been written based on latest research and designed to help teachers direct lessons and independent pupil activities in five areas of reading. The research that the authors use is focussed on teaching reading by phonemic awareness, vocabulary, phonics, comprehension and fluency. … Read more

Create Calm Dining Halls

Review:How to Create Calm Dining Halls by Jenny Mosley This book aims to help schools with creating calm dining spaces, it also aims to encourage good manners, positive social skills and genuine enjoyment of the lunch or dining time slot in the school day. Most primary schools in Ireland do not have the luxury of … Read more

Review: New Wave Pre-Writing Patterns by Prim-Ed Publishing

Review: New Wave Pre-Writing Patterns by Prim-Ed Publishing  I have a couple of products to review from the well-known scheme of Pre-Writing Patterns. They are designed to be used to help with pre-writing skills so I am thinking they are most suited to an infant class and/or a support class setting. The New Wave Pre-Writing … Read more

Review: Comprehension and Critical Thinking Digital Games:Prim-Ed

Review: Comprehension and Critical Thinking Digital Games:Prim-Ed  You may have read my reviews on Prim-Ed’s Maths Games Galore and now we have the Language Games Galore to look at! There are two Cds in this particular series, A and B with emphasis being laid on different aspects of the Language curriculum. They are designed to be … Read more

Review&Competition:Language Games Galore-CD ROM

Review&Competition:Language Games Galore-CD ROM  Anseo.net have been sent a whole bundle of wonderful CD-ROMs from Prim-Ed and they have also kindly offered us some for this month’s competition. I’m going to look at the Letters and Sounds and the Rhyming Words CD-ROMS together as they link things really well in terms of what an infant … Read more

Review & Competition: Literacy Boxes (Prim-Ed)

Review:The Literacy Box 1-3 from Prim-Ed  If you have read my review on Writing Prompts box from Prim-ed, you will know that I loved the cuteness of the cards in the teacher box! The Literacy Boxes 1-3 are even cuter but on a larger scale! The Literacy Box series is a set of three boxes … Read more

Review: Dyce Game

NOTE: New version has been released. This is a repost of original review with some new details. The old cliché goes that sometimes the simplest ideas are the best and Gareth Hanlon of EyeSeeGames has come up with a really simple idea that works. His product, Dyce Game, is an educational game played with 8 … Read more

Review: MiTouch Interactive Touchscreen

The Interactive Whiteboard is dead! Long live the Interactive Touchscreen! This is what people who are selling the next generation of interactive devices would hope to be the case since the slowdown in the sales of Interactive Whiteboards in the last few years. After the craze of Interactive Whiteboards from around 2008 to 2011 in primary … Read more

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