What will the evil B. Cowen cut next? Watch the Late Late tonight to find out!

We all received our letters from the union this week, basically there is a moratorium in the public service and it means that acting B and A posts cannot be filled. Also, there will be no such thing as an A or B post within a certain amount of years..When a teacher with a post retires, that is it, the post is gone. Do teachers really realise this? Schools will be postless and there will be a lot more work for the Principals to carry out. Also, the union have given us permission to say no to the WSE and to staff meetings within school time. fine by me but am slightly worried that we are contractually obliged to do these things. Also, if a kind inspector calls to my school, am I to slam the door in his face and say “The union told me to do it!”
Food for thought!
Supervision money is next methinks….:(

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