Is Promethean Gone?

I’m getting a bit concerned about Promethean.  I went along to their web site and found that it is no longer there.  Promethean Ireland’s web site just states that it is under construction.  I don’t know if it has anything to do with Clarity’s €1m investment into Promethean or not but something doesn’t seem right and I don’t know what it is.

I rang Prim-Ed today to ask them and the guy who answered the phone was very edgy.  I asked him was everything ok in Promethean and he didn’t confirm or deny anything.  He simply told me that he’d get someone to ring me back either later today or tomorrow.  He didn’t ask for my number though.

I rang a couple of Promethean’s resellers.  One reseller didn’t seem to think anything was amiss.  After being put on hold for over a minute by the other reseller, I was told the salesperson was on a “phonecall” and he’d ring me straight back.  He didn’t.

I then rang the IPPN as Promethean are their biggest sponsor.  I was told that Promethean no longer sponsor the IPPN.  Again, things seemed a bit edgy and nothing at all was given away.

Perhaps there’s nothing going on but nobody is really giving any answers.  I await feedback.

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