ClassDojo and Principals

ClassDojo have just released a way for principals and other school leaders to get involved in their schools that are running ClassDojo. Principals can now set up “School Leader Accounts.” This allows them to see the general highlights of what is happening in the school. For example, they can see how many teachers in the school are using ClassDojo and how many pupils are using it too. They can also see how many parents are signed up for updates, which is a cool idea.


Highlights that can be seen by prinicpals
Highlights that can be seen by prinicpals

On top of this, principals can see at a glance how many parents have “liked” stories posted by teachers. They can even see how many languages that they have been translated into – very interesting data. In the classroom, the principal can also see what percentage of points given are positive. This is useful in a school where the policy is not to use negative points. He/she can also see what was the top skill rewarded. This can be highlighted in an assembly, for example.

In case School Leaders already have an account (like a Teacher account), they can visit Account Settings, and under “Edit Profile” just change their role to “School Leader.”

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