081. Ensure that RSE is standardised

Teaching about Relationships and Sexuality Education in Ireland, you’d think, would be a fairly straightforward affair. There’s a curriculum to follow and the government have even made a step-by-step programme to follow. Somebody should have told them that the Catholic Church weren’t pleased with it though so they came up with their own interpretation, and … Read more

079. Do not allow external agencies teach RSE

Teachers are qualified to teacher 11 subjects and are expected to do so fully, except for one: the Relationships and Sexuality Education curriculum, which is part of SPHE. For some peculiar reason, hundreds of teachers give up their classrooms for what is colloquially called “The Talk” and some outside speaker comes into the classroom to … Read more

076. Scrap privately run online summer courses

Every year there’s a load of interest from teachers when the summer courses come along. Teachers can choose to do face-to-face courses and online courses. For those of you not in the know, apart from the professional development that a teacher gains from doing these courses, there’s an added incentive: when one completes a summer … Read more

052. Have specialised qualifications for Infant teachers

Sometimes it’s good to change a long held tradition. Anyone working in infant classes will see that their job is completely different to that of someone in another class. The way the curriculum is going, with Aistear encompassing much of what infant teachers do these days, is it time to simply use infants as a … Read more

049. Provide specialised teachers for Irish

Really, we have to face it: we are failing at teaching Irish. We have a few passionate teachers who can teach it well, but overall, there’s something very wrong when most people come out of 14 years of education unable to string a sentence in Irish together, yet can almost be fluent in some European … Read more

042. Outsource obesity to parents

Obesity levels in Ireland are at a shocking level and schools are being asked to fix it. Some quarters are even blaming schools for the obesity epidemic because we “only” do one hour of PE per week. Experts claim that doubling the amount of PE would “solve” the crisis, which is nonsense, of course. The … Read more

039. Scrap Homework

Being honest, this idea isn’t really as controversial as it used to be. I remember about a decade ago, the then CEO of the IPPN, Seán Cottrell, suggested that primary schools should do this and there was absolute uproar. I imagine if Pauric Clerkin said it today, he’d be met with a lot of support. … Read more

122. Schools need Sports Facilities

Imagine a secondary school being built without a football pitch or some sort of sport’s field. It just doesn’t happen these days. However, would it surprise you to hear that no primary school built in the last 15 years has had a sports pitch built as part of the building? If you’re a primary school … Read more

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