111. Schools to be given free ICT Technical Support

It might seem surprising to people outside of the primary education system to know that schools receive absolutely no funding for technical support should any of their technology break down. Schools are forced to dip into parents’ pockets, as usual, in order to afford any form of technical support, with costs roughly €90 per hour … Read more

Technical Support in Schools (Irish Style)

We all know that primary schools are underfunded. We all know that the government pays for about 60% of the actual costs of running primary schools through capitation and ancillary grants. We all know that parents have to make up the rest of the costs of schooling their children through cake sales and voluntary contributions. … Read more

Problems with Promethean After Sales Service?

I’m personally surprised by this news.  I subscribe to the Education Posts forum, which is a forum for all teachers and SNAS.  A thread was started a couple of days ago about whether a teacher should invest in Promethean or Smart IWBs.  I was amazed to see that almost every post so far condemned Promethean’s after sales service.  To quote a user…

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