123. No more paper based communication

The DES should no longer provide anything to schools on paper. The OLCS (through Esinet) has a very rough and ready section that provides the users with updates. This needs to be updated and all updates should come from there. It would be useful to integrate it with a teacher portal, as mentioned in idea … Read more

057. DES should Provide Online Payslips

It’s a bit mad that well into the 21st century that we still get paper-based payslips. If the law states that we are entitled to a paper-based payslip, we need to change the law. All payslips need to be moved online where teachers can log into some sort of Teacher Portal and be able to … Read more

014. Rethink Croke Park Hours

When all the madness of the recession was on, it seems in order to try and satiate the howls of the public about how few hours the public sector worked, an hour a week was added to our schedules. These are known as Croke Park Hours. These hours are tokenistic at best. They do not … Read more

013. Simplify the salary scale

Getting paid as a teacher is a fairly complicated affair. There are up to 27 points on the pay scale and you start off on a different point of the payscale depending on different factors. To complicate things further, if you qualified after 2011, you are on a different payscale which is less than the … Read more

006. A Fully-Resourced NEPS to take over Assessment of Need

The National Educational Psychological Service (NEPS) is probably one of the most paradoxical. It is completely undervalued and under-resourced by the Department of Education but it provides one of the most important services for schools lucky enough to be able to get a hold of them. The interesting thing is that NEPS, if it was … Read more

005. Scrap the NCSE

When one looks at the number of agencies involved in education, one has to ask why there are so many and what do they actually do. The NCSE is the National Council for Special Education. Back when they started in 2003, there was very little work done in the area of special needs in education. … Read more

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