128. Automatically Cluster SET Allocations

This article was written on the evening of when the SET allocations came out. On the Anseo Facebook Page, I wrote, “Let the scavenger hunt begin!”

The whole way the DES release the allocations is akin to throwing a load of breadcrumbs into the middle of a flock of ducks. Every duck fights for their crumb and the quickest ones get sorted while the quieter ones on the outside are left.

I cannot understand why the government could not create a computerised system that takes the list of schools and their allocations, then clusters them automatically. It wouldn’t take a lot to do it and it would save schools hours of work – no need for forms, no need for countless phone calls. 

The variables could be:

  • Schools in a 40km radius
  • Schools that make a perfect 25 hour total

The computer could find all the schools that make this criteria. Next they could find near-perfect matches – between 22.5 and 24.9 and make temporary full-time positions from these.

After that, they might match 3 school clusters and so on until they have scraps of hours left. 

Or better yet, rather than having these silly fractions of posts, all allocations would be rounded to their nearest 0.25  or even 0.5 hours. This would make things a lot easier for clustering purposes. 

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