108. Create opportunities for schools to network

I’m no beekeeper but I imagine schools are like hives. They are little independent colonies doing almost the same thing but have little opportunities to work with each other. Hopefully, that’s a good analogy or the rest of this suggestion is going to fall very short!

My idea is very simple and is already being done informally around the country. Schools need to create opportunities where their staff have the ability to sit together in clusters and share their expertises and ideas.

For example, take a town like Carlow where there are 9 primary schools. Wouldn’t it be a good idea if one school hosted all the infant teachers together to talk about how they are doing Aistear? Wouldn’t it be great if they could use the time to create resources together? Wouldn’t it b great if they were able to come together and swap resources or create a common “library” of Aistear resources? Wouldn’t it be great if the schools clubbed together to fund an Aistear expert to talk to the teachers? 

This is just one tiny idea that could be used in all sorts of ways. Principals already do this regularly through the IPPN County Networks. Wouldn’t make sense to extend this to teachers? I’m sure after these sessions, all of them would be “buzzing” (sorry) with ideas.

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