105. E Charging points for all schools

Full disclosure here: I have an eCar so I’d personally benefit from this. However, hear me out; there is much more altruism in this idea than you might first think.

Let’s make a couple of wild assumptions. The first one is that schools are community hubs. They are generally located in almost every village and town, rural or urban, it doesn’t matter. The second one is that schools generally have some ready-made spaces for car parking. I’ll make a third assumption. All schools have electricity sources.

Almost all the children we are teaching today will likely be driving electric cars. It would be worrying if they aren’t. However, Ireland’s infrastructure for charging points is nothing short of disastrous. To me, it would make sense to provide charging point facilities in schools, not only as a convenience, but also as an educational tool. It would also provide parking opportunities for the public who could use the service. Schools could even turn them into fundraising opportunities – i.e. money earned from the chargers could be pushed back into the schools.

It’s a simple idea, and it’s probable that in near the future, eCharging points will be ubiquitous. Schools are just a decent place to start. That or every petrol station. 

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