102. Scrap Creative Ireland

The vision on the front of the Creative Ireland web site is wonderfully uncreative: The Creative Ireland Programme is guided by a vision that every person in Ireland will have the opportunity to realise their full creative potential.

While I think it’s hugely important to support the arts in Ireland by whatever means, Creative Ireland definitely has its place. However, as always, when the government get involved in the educational aspect of it, they make a complete balls of it.

Looking at its (un)creative vision, it states “every person in Ireland will have the opportunity” so you would imagine that selecting only 150 out of the 3,300 schools in Ireland for their arts education aspect doesn’t actually cover the vision. Using my super computer, I calculated that their slogan for schools should really be: “4% of pupils in Ireland will have the opportunity” which is hardly close to every, which I possibly optimistically calculated to be 100%. 

Rather than throwing money at a tiny percentage of schools, it would make more sense to provide extra funding for Arts for all schools, even if it isn’t a huge amount. An average of €1,000 per school would go a long way for most schools to buy basic Visual Arts equipment, for example. (Rough cost: €3.5 million) 

I imagine the cost of their web site was less than this, although they may have saved money on their slogan.

Anyway, Creative Ireland needs to provide all schools with their services or none. Giving it to 4% of schools makes it tokenistic and will afford no real positive change to Ireland’s already struggling arts community.

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