097. Scrap Music Generation

Absolutely no offence meant to the wonderful people involved in this scheme is meant but I am very uncomfortable with any programme that asks schools to contribute financially towards when all the glory will go to a commercial entity, in this case a music band. Something just doesn’t feel right.

Effectively the government should be funding a programme like this and they should be funding specialist music teachers if normal teachers don’t have the ability to teach music properly.

If the government really want children to play a musical instrument, which is no bad thing, then why not support it, instead of getting U2 half pay for it and expect schools to pay the other half from fundraising? A much better idea would be for schools to have specialist teachers in certain subjects, i.e. music and Gaeilge as priorities and also Visual Arts if possible. This would make teaching a lot more flexible and allow teachers to teach in other classes, etc. There’s lots of possibilities for flexibility here and should be explored rather than this sort of weird solution.

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